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There are many children affected by a parent's unaddressed trauma, substance use, and associated stigma and many parents who cannot access support without fear or harm. We are on a mission to change this.

I want people to know the level of shame the

entire family feels, the struggle of loving someone

who hurts you but doesn’t want to, how much criminalization hurts.

Our Trainings

Substance use stigma is a well-known determinant of health and barrier to support for parents, and also their children. These barriers result in intergenerational cycles of stress and trauma. Marrying relevant data with the stories of youth impacted by the stigma of a parent’s substance use, our team provides valuable insight into the socio-ecological context of substance use-related discrimination, the gaps in current literature, policies, and resources, while sharing evidence–informed and peer identified recommendations for improving the care families receive. 


Youth Empowerment

Informing new ways of understanding and healing the intergenerational consequences of stigma, youth are mentored to use their lived experience with the stress and stigma of a parent's substance use to lead research, advocacy, and resource allocation.

Knowledge Equity

We believe in the lived expertise of youth and adults who have grown up with the stress and stigma of a parent's substance use as valuable and legitimate. It is what has allowed us to identify and fill the gap in understanding, resources, relationships and support, creating a ripple affect across Canada and the world.  Our resources, peer groups, and training are always facilitated / co-facilitated by a peer with lived experience with the stress and stigma of a parent's substance use.   


Digital Media

Our Reports, Videos, and Other Media

Equip health video cover.png

A 7 min video by DDG production funded by Equip Health and Canadian Public Health Association of Canada.


Addressing systemic barriers to health equity for families affected by substance use-related discrimination. 

Starlings report cover

First of its kind report highlighting how stigma harms children who are exposed to a parent's substance use disorder.

Brave parenting Agnes.png

Understanding ACEs in the context of parental substance Use and Stigma

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30 minute podcast  with Gord Gardner, disucssing the important gap Starlings Community is filling in the substanc euse stigma field.


An inforgraphic to support the team at Child First Canada to inform YCP of the root causes of inequities.

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