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Parental substance use stigma and child welfare policies make it difficult for youth and parents experiencing challenges to reach out for help. At FASC, we empower youth and parents as advocates in their lives and communities as a source of protection from systemic harm. 

Community Capacity Building

Led by youth and adult peers who have grown up with the stigma of a parent's substance use, our substance use initiatives are leading a new approach to understanding and disrupting the intergenerational consequences of substance use stigma and supporting the health of families.  

Child Welfare (Family Policing) Advocacy

Through a racial and health equity lens, our training, consultations, and workshops aim to empower community members to understand and disrupt the intergenerational consequences of substance use stigma and child welfare policies. 

Our advocacy initiatives aim to increase safety for families impacted by current child welfare legislation, policies, and practices that contribute to intrusive interventions and family separation. In collaboration with parents with lived experience..

Substance Use Stigma Initiatives

In Community

Grounded in community and guided by the collective voices and actions of our peers and allies, we mobilize and generate knoweldge that inspires society to ensure families experiencing challenges are supported to move forward with hope and healing.

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The Family Advocacy Support Centre meets a need in the community that is otherwise missing. Their education sessions, community consultations have been incredibly valuable to me and the families with child welfare involvement.

-Raenelle,in-home support worker




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