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Support Groups

Life can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. Our free resources are created by peers for peers with the goal of increasing understanding and hope and decreasing shame. NOTE: If you are a professional or are from an organization, please inquire about partnering to access our resources or refer your clients to FASC by emailing

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Support Groups and resources for Individuals Who have grown up With the Stress and Stigma of a Parents Substance use 

Support Groups and resources  for Parent's with Children Family Service Involvement 

Caregiver workshops

Work Shops For Parents with CFS Involvement


FASC Guide Testimonial

"Incredible resource. Makes myself and others I know who have read it feel less alone. I Enjoyed the section on grief, and healthy boundaries as I for once felt it could relate to how I was ultimately feeling within my own relationship with my father, and how I still feel now that he has passed away."

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