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Crisis Teams.

Community crisis teams respond to individuals experiencing a mental health, addiction, or psycho-social crisis. They often include health professionals and may or may not include police services to respond to crises. NOTE: FASC is not affiliated with any of the below resources. Please seek and find the ones you feel you can trust. Check your local listings to ensure you are accessing the right support without harm.


Alpha House
Individuals Sleeping Outdoors
Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm
403-805-7388 (Cell)
Alpha House
Operates 24/7
403-998-7388 (Cell)
Distress Centre
Request Mental Health Crisis Triage
Operates 24/7


Edmonton Community Health Hub North
Operates 24/7


Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta
Operates 24/7
403-327-7905 / 403-381-1116​ (Pager)

Red Deer

Crisis Team
Mon - Thurs, 7am - 10pm Friday, 7am - 3pm
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