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Increasing safety and rebuilding trust so parents can ask for help without fear of intervention and family separation.milies.
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Transformative legal education to enhance professionals ability to effectively support and advocate for families navigating the child welfare system.

Reduce Harm.
Rebuild Trust.
Increase safety.

Community Legal Education

Parents that are vulnerable to or those with Child and Family Services (CFS) involvement are often dealing with a myriad of challenges, compounded by the complexity of navigating various systems and community resources.

Our community legal education resources are designed to enhance professionals' understanding, confidence, and skills in advocating for families, fostering collaboration, and setting parents up for success.We believe in empowering professionals to reimagine support for families, prioritizing family preservation and well-being.

By working together, we are collectively contributing to reducing the need for intrusive interventions, improving outcomes for families, and increasing the likelihood of family reunification in the event of apprehension. 

We provide legal education and information
and resources on:

We provide legal information and resources on:

  • Alberta's Child intervention system

  • Child welfare legislation- Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act (CYFEA)

  • CFS policies and processes- Enhancement Policy Manual (EPM)

  • Parents rights & responsibilities

  • System Navigation and Advocacy toolkits and information sheets

  • Legal education workshops for parents and trainings for professionals.

Topics covered:

Understanding Agreements and Orders
The Importance of a Safety Network


I had the opportunity to work with FASC with a woman experiencing many barriers during her Children’s Services involvement. Rebecca and her team were able to provide critical additional supports that we were unable to. If FASC was not involved, the women’s case would likely not have improved. The FASC fills a critical gap within Calgary’s social-supporting sector. 

- Women's Centre Legal Coordinator 

-Women's Centre Legal Coordinator

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