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Our programs, training, and consulting services were developed to enhance the important work service providers do to support the well-being of families facing systemic barriers to health, healing, and well-being.
Reduce Harm.
Promote Healing.


FASC’s training are designed to build the awareness and capacity of organizations to address the structural barriers to health equity and racial equality for families vulnerable to intrusive intervention and family separation. Through an intersectional lens, our training empowers organizations to support familial health by providing service providers with the unique insights and tools to disrupt intergenerational effects of substance use stigma, mitigate the stress and risk associated with child welfare policies,  rebuild the trust families have with systems while ensuring the well-being of the professionals providing support.

Community Programming.

Parents dealing with Children’s Services (CS) are often dealing with a myriad of challenges, navigating intersecting systems, while accessing various community resources and services. Increasing safety and rebuilding trust so parents can ask for help without fear of intervention and family separation is part of our mission to strengthen the ecosystem of support for families. We collaborate with professionals and community organizations by providing support with child welfare system navigation, legal education, and advocacy to ensure parents questions and needs are addressed. Our aim is to enhance professionals' ability to effectively assist clients involved with CS, while collaborating on strategies that set clients up for success. By working together, we are collectively contributing to improving outcomes for families, minimizing the harm of intervention, and increasing the like-hood of family reunification.


To request a system navigation session or to inquire more about how we can work with your organization please contact us.


Our consulting services aim to embed our expertise of trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist approaches into the work organizations do with youth and parents who are structurally vulnerable to intrusive intervention or family separation. This includes organizational audits, curriculum review, and program development. 

Unsure about the ideal service for you or your organization? Join us for a 1-hour Lunch Learn information session. Our team will present a comprehensive overview of our programs, trainings, and approaches to promote familial health, healing, and well-being. This session will allow you to discuss and determine the most suitable approach for our team to support yours. For any inquiries, feel free to email:

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