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Supporting parents to feel a little bit less alone knowing they have a circle of support around them.  

Image by Scott Webb
“I'm finding the group so healing. I still struggle everyday with the fact that my son was in foster care and how to cope with the fact that very few, if anybody understands how that could happen.”

-parent attendee

Circle of Support Group.

What is the Circle of Support Group? 

The impact of child welfare involvement and child removal on parental mental health is often overlooked. The stigma and shame associated with involvement can make this a very lonely and isolating experience. Our group is for mothers who have been impacted by the child welfare system. The group is facilitated by a parent who has had lived experience with the child welfare system, and co-supported by a FASC volunteer. 

What to expect: 

  • A safe, non-judgmental healing space for mothers to openly share, connect, and empower each other. 

  • Your experiences of trauma, grief, and loss, due to system involvement being acknowledged and validated and understood.

  • The opportunity to share challenges, information, and support and receive support from mothers that understand what you are going through. 

  • The group is open to moms with past or current involvement.


Last Tuesday of every month


7:00 pm- 8:30 pm MST


Virtually on Zoom


Image by Scott Webb

Meet your facilitator

Crystal Johnson_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Crystal's affirmation: " My past experiences help others through their journey to healing"
Nervous about joining or just want more information before attending?
Feel free to send us an email before the session and we would be happy to answer any questions or find a way to make the session more comfortable for you.

Image by Jackie DiLorenzo


Please keep in mind, our group is not a crisis support group. We are happy to help facilitate a referral post session if needed. 

Our group was initially open to all parenting individuals, but has consistently been just mothers attending. We are working on creating a future groups for Dads, and other caregivers impacted by the system. We thank you for your patience.

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