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Our Team.

At FASC, our team is composed of passionate individuals with diverse lived experiences and professional backgrounds. We prioritize an organizational structure built upon a shared vision for equity and driven by collaborative decision-making. By harnessing our shared values, common goals, and the expertise of our team members, we work together to advance our mission of fortifying the support ecosystem for families impacted by the child welfare system. Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the families and communities we serve.

Our Board

Our board comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including professionals and those with lived experiences. As a dynamic and growing social impact organization, we deeply value the commitment and dedication our board members bring to supporting and guiding our strategic direction, oversight, and organizational effectiveness. They play a vital role in ensuring our sustainability and advancing our mission to meet the evolving needs of impacted families and communities. Their tireless efforts drive our progress and impact.

Our External Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council comprises lived experts and cross-sector professionals dedicated to guiding our projects, spanning from community-driven research to program evaluation and system change initiatives. Grounded in real-world insights and informed by best practices, their invaluable guidance ensures our work continuously improves and innovates, making a meaningful impact for families.

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